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Phentermine Prescription in Daytona Beach FL

 Phentermine for Weight Loss in Daytona Beach is an FDA approved appetite suppressant  that can only be prescribed by a weight loss  physician or weighloss doctor Our weight loss  clinic sunstate wellness in Daytona Beach FL specializes in the  utilization of  Phentermine To help you lose weight in Daytona Beach Phentermine prescribed for weight loss does two critical things  First and most importantly Phentermine  When prescribed by a weight-loss clinic or weight loss doctor will increases your metabolism so you burn more calories during regular day to day activities in Daytona Beach . Second phentermine being an appetite suppressant will naturally elevate that constant feeling of hunger, all while increasing your energy at the same time. Our weight-loss doctors will evaluate an exam then discuss weight loss goals diet and review your medical history to insure you are healthy enough to get a prescription for Phentermine In Daytona Beach FL  Once Phentermine is prescribed to you by our weight loss doctors at SunState Wellness

you can expect to lose 7-10 pounds per month We have a 99% success rate  utilizing and prescribing phentermine for weight loss in Daytona Beach FL  

Initial visit includes

 Review of your medical history 

 Review of your families medical history 

 Body mass composition analysis

 Basic Vitals (weight blood pressure oxygen)

 One B 12 injection

 Nutritional and dietary counseling 

 And your time with our weight loss  physicians  

 At this point your weight-loss doctor may request a blood draw EKG or both which can be billed to your insurance provider  if you do not have insurance this will be an additional out-of-pocket expense 

 If you have had labs or an EKG done within the last 12 months you can bring in a copy or you may sign a release letting us know with whom you’ve done the draw or Ekg with and we can obtain a copy  on your behalf 

Qualifying for phentermine prescription in Daytona Beach

 In order to qualify for phentermine prescription in Daytona Beach 

You must have a BMI (body mass index)of 24 or higher 

 Patients who suffers from hypertension cardiac illness  hypo or hyper thyroidism  diabetes   Pregnant or nursing   May not be healthy enough or eligible to receive a phentermine prescription in Daytona Beach from our weight loss clinic Sunstate Wellness  

 Please keep in mind everything is done on a case-by-case basis 

Follow Up Appointments

 Follow up appointments are done every 30 60 or 90 days at your weight loss doctors discretion 

 We offer telemedical consultations for refills for existing patients 

 We also fill and shipped directly to our patients in and out of State 

90 Day Phentermine Program

 We offer a 90 day all inclusive phentermine program to include your medication 10 weeks of B 12 injections administered by you at home unlimited follow up in office and teli medically with our weight-loss physician

Are Appetite Suppressants Safe?

Yes! You will be monitored by a weightloss physician at one of our weightloss clinics the entire time you are utilizing our prescription strength Phentermine appetite suppressant. As with all medications, there are risk factors involved. Any risk factors will be discussed with you at your initial visit.

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